Petrobras: Market brings profits to refineries

According to a balance sheet, petrobras only in May exported about 1.1 million tons of fuel oil. Despite the crisis scenario, performance was a record and exceeded by 10% the last mark, recorded in February of this year.

According to the company, this result is directly linked to the recovery of low-sulphur fuel oil – in particular, the product handled by Petrobras itself directly from pre-salt oil. "In as a result of this we have seen successive records in the volumes we export, with taking advantage of an extremely favourable moment in terms of margins of the product," said the state-owned company.

In more, the company also attributed the improvement to the "smaller imports of derivatives by competitors, associated with the recovery of domestic demand in May, which also contributed to the increase in our sales and consequent increase in the rate of use of refineries."


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