Petrobras should generate US $20 billion in disinvestment

If all the projects of Disinvestment announced are implemented, Petrobras must raise more than $20 billion up to 2019. Among the sales that should be made later this year, is the Pasadena refinery in Texas for Chevron. However, the business should not be advantageous enough to compensate for the value spent by the state in investing in the asset. The information was given by source to the Reuters agency.

Despite the difficulties, the company intends to maintain its robust negotiating plan. The sale of pipelines in the northeast, of the subsidiary TAG, would also be important to reach the amount projected to 2019. It is expected that the sale of the slice in company in Africa by Petrobras is also aggregated to the billionaire budget.

The source also pointed out that the oil poles in the shallow waters of Enchova and Pampo, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, should be sold this year to the private sector. The prediction is that the concession happens in December.

Petrobras is the oil tanker listed with the largest global debt in stock today. To reverse this scenario, the company traced a plan to raise US $21 billion in the 2017-2018 biennium, which is based on an accumulation of sales of assets and destatizations.

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