Petrobras will not pay more PLR to employees

Petrobras announced that it will no longer pay the PLR (Profit Sharing and earnings) to its employees from 2020. According to the state, the benefit will be incorporated into a new variable remuneration program, which will only be distributed in the years when the company profits at least R $10 billion.

Until Then, PLR was calculated from operational metrics. If the targets of the main areas were reached, the employees were remunerated, regardless of the financial result achieved in the year. The changes were approved by the Board of directors and communicated to the employees via intranet.

The measure suspends the negotiation relationship between the company and the workers ' unions, which it maintained since last year. The president of the Sole Federation of oil Tankers (FUP), José Maria Rangel, said the entity still assesses how it will be positioned.

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