Petrobras paralyzes hydrotreating unit

In order to comply with a court injunction, character Petrobras reported, in a note, that company is temporarily shutting down one of three units of hydrotreating (HDT) S-10 diesel refinery of Paulínia (Replan), in São Paulo. The State reported although already appealed the decision, in order to reverse it in a shorter space of time.

According to the note, the non will have great impacts on the company’s financial results, because it will be compensated by increased production in other units. The decision was taken by the justice, after a Union of São Paulo complain about job cuts.

In the statement, the company said that in 2014, initiated the study that aimed to re-evaluation in the processes of refining and fertilizer, suiting your number of employees to a more secure and efficient operation.  The company said that there were no layoffs in this process and that only held relocation of people.

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