Petrobras pays R $210 million to the Union

The union will receive R $210 million from Petrobras, relating to the Part of the oil production of the turtle’s shared deposits, which Locates between the Green Turtle and Southwest Green Turtle fields in the Campos Basin, in Rio de Janeiro. The value was settled in an agreement of the State with pre-salt oil, which takes care of the concession contracts of the Salt.

When an oil field extrapolates the concession area, the Needs to sign an individualisation agreement on production in which the Union shall be entitled to a portion of the production and a responsibility Equivalent on spending.

According to pre-salt oil, in 2004, Petrobras discovered Two deposits in the BM-C-36 area, but one of them stretched to a sector that did not Was part of the concession agreement. How the Union has the participation of 17.85% In the region, in the calculation called equalization of expenditures and Volumes (EGV), obtained A profit of R $210 million.


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