Petrobras: oil production rises 2.8% in July

Petrobras' oil production in the country grew 2.8% in the month in July, compared to the previous month. The data are from the National Petroleum Agency, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

According to the Agency, the state-owned company produced an average of 2.297 million barrels per day (bpd), this mark being the third highest monthly average of the company's history. The volume is behind only the productions of January 2020 (2.32 million barrels / day) and November 2019 (2.33 million barrels barrels / day). Compared to July 2019, the increase in production was 11.8%.

From the ANP figures, it is possible to see the improvement in performance Petrobras' monthly operating performance since May this year, even in the face of a pandemic scenario and fluctuation in commodity prices in the market. THE contraction in oil consumption reached its peak between April and May worldwide, in view of the spread of social isolation measures, at the time, to contain the covid-19 pandemic.


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