Petrobras: strategic plan follows steady despite the crisis

As the Offshore Panorama comes reporting in recent months, Petrobras has followed your firm plan of disinvestment and placed for sale numerous assets. Despite the brazilian crisis, the management of the company has maintained its efforts to meet your goal for 2017-2018, which seeks to raise $ $21 billion.

A new plan for the sale of assets, with the modifications set forth by TCU (Tribunal de Contas da União), must be informed by the brazilian State soon, following the model and strategic guidelines of the previous one. Among the projects that should follow the wallet are: direct transfer of shallow water leases in the States of Sergipe and Ceará; sale of slice on the BR Distribuidora; sale of concession rights in the fields of Baúna and green turtle; the natural gas field sale Bluebird Amazon basin; among others.

In an interview, Pedro Parente, President of Petrobras, said that is also on the agenda of the review of the company's business plan discussion about investments that will be needed in the area of production development of future pre-salt areas, for which the company has exercised the right of first refusal.

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