Petrobras ' platforms are discarded as scrap

Petrobras has given up building the P-71 platform in Rio Grande, in the south of Rio Grande do Sul. The state has reported that the work will be held in the Holy Spirit. The project was started, however, in December 2016, the contract with the shipyard of Ecovix was cancelled. The city's leaders had been trying to get back to work ever since.

Half the hull's already been built. Petrobras announced that it will not take advantage of the material, and that it wants to sell them as scrap metal. The Rio Grande Metallurgical Union has obtained an injunction in order not to sell the material.

Recently, the region suffered the impact of the termination of another work by Petrobras in São José do Norte. With the end of the construction of the P-74 platform, most of the employees were fired, and the tax collection declined.

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