Petrobras puts renewable energy in its port

Petrobras is investing in sustainable energy, a transition from the environmental scenario that will be disseminated in more detail in December, but the planning is to be carried out for the next five years.

According to the Director of strategy of the state, Nelson Silva, the changes are not yet radical, no production goals were stipulated, but the company provides good results for future investments.

The oil company already has four wind farms and has future plans to expand even more investments in the sector, along with Equinor, which recently joined Petrobras for high-seas production.

The company's focus is to recover the financial slump with clean energy environmental projects, so as to leverage and reduce the losses and recoils that the state has had in recent periods. This project assists in the reduction of carbon emission (CO2) in the atmosphere, one of the main cause of the greenhouse effect, which reflects on global warming. Thus generating not only the financial capital, but also contributing to the preservation of the environment.

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