Petrobras puts 27 more fields on sale

Continuing its policy of disinvestments, Petrobras initiated the stage of disclosure of the opportunity regarding the transfer of all its holdings in 27 mature land fields, including the shared facilities of runoff and Production treatment in the municipalities of São Mateus, Linhares, Jaguaré and Conceição da Barra, called Polo Cricaré, in the state of Espírito Santo.

The state is the operator of 100% of the assets in all concession contracts, which comprise the fields of Biguá, Cacimbas, Campo Grande, North Cedar Stream, Cedro Norte South Stream, Golden Stream, stream of stones, Fazenda Cedro, Fazenda North Cedar, Fazenda Queimadas, São Jorge Farm, Guriri, Inhambu, Jacutinga, Lagoa Bonita, Lagoa Suruaca, Mariricu, North Mariricu, Itaúnas River, Rio Preto, Rio Preto West, Rio Preto Sul, Rio São Mateus, São Mateus, São Mateus Leste, Seriema and Tabuiaiá. In 2018, the average production of these fields totalled about 2800 bpd of oil and 11000 m3/day of gas.

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