Petrobras: natural gas price expected to fall further in August

Petrobras' natural gas prices with distributors are expected to fall again in August, according to the company's director of refining and natural gas, Anelise Lara, in an interview last Thursday (25) at an online event.

Lara also says that the downward movement is associated with brent oil, which is a reference worldwide. "The price of the gas molecule in the new contracts is associated with Brent. And the price of oil fell a lot in the market, which caused in May the prices of the molecule plus transport to reach US$ 6, US$ 6.5 million BTU (British thermal unit). Now in August these prices should fall even more, because there was a continuity in the fall of Brent", said the executive.

In addition, the director mentioned that turbulence in the natural gas market should make liquefied natural gas (LNG) import prices more competitive. However, for her, the country does not suffer from a lack of natural gas flow infrastructure today. Lara says the high rates of gas reinjection in the pre-salt fields are due to a technical choice to increase oil recovery in these assets, not a lack of structure.


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