Petrobras produces 1 billion barrels of oil

In a statement, Petrobras said that reached the milestone of producing 1 billion barrels of oil produced in the pre-salt layer. The production was conquered only six years after the entry of the first production system in the Santos basin, in the field of Lula, and ten years after the first discovery in 2006.

According to the company, the performance is unmatched in the world history of offshore oil production, that's why the Campos Basin took only one year more than the American portion in the Gulf of Mexico. While they took 14 years, Petrobras managed in 15.

The State President, Pedro Parente, celebrated the index and along with the Executive Director of exploration and production, Solange Gh, and the Executive Director of production and Technology Development, Roberto Moro, Board the FPSO (drilling rig and production, storage and offloading), in the city of Itaguaí in the Iracema Norte, in the pre-salt Santos basin, where participated in a ceremony celebrating the brand.

The State commented on the importance of the pre-salt to financial recovery of the company. According to the President, the production is of large scale, high-quality oil for refining and extraction cost less than $8/barrel. Currently the pre-salt represents almost 50% of production operated by Petrobras and for about 35% of the company's own production.

The President of Petrobras scored: "we are living in a moment and we have no doubt of our immense capacity. I am very excited on the magnitude of what's going on here today, "said a relative.


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