Petrobras Projects new plan that may require investments of US $84.1 billion

Petrobras ' new plan, released on Wednesday, December 5, will feature improvements in the refining sector and promises to reduce company indebtedness. The investments revolve around us $84.1 billion over the next five years, US $13.9 billion and will be used in natural gas, and 61% in refining, transportation, distribution, petrochemicals and commercialization, and other 36% in gas and energy, and 3% in renewable energies.

According to the Director of strategy, organization and management system of Petrobras, Nelson Silva, the goal of the company is to reduce debts and invest in refining for the country and make the company grow and become stronger from 2019 to 2023.

Brazil has a great chance of reconstructing itself with investments in refining, without needing to buy refined oil for twice the price passed on crude oil.

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