Petrobras to sell fields in shallow waters

Petrobras is following your exit plan firmly in order to balance the State's accounts. With a focus on debt reduction of R $364.8 billion in the first quarter, the company put as "ball of time" the seven sets of oil fields in shallow waters, totaling 30 concessions.

Located in the States of Ceara, Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the list, which has historical fields of Petrobras, is intended to help the company reach its goal of raising $ $21 billion with the sale of assets in the 2017-2018 biennium.

Except in the concessions of hake and Arabaiana, where the company is operator with participation of 65%, the State holds 100% of currently participating in the fields. The portion of Petrobras in the average production of oil and natural gas fields up for sale, in the first half, was of 73000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

The company informed that the market is in accordance with the systematic realization of Petrobras, which was revised and approved by the Board of Executive Directors of the company and is aligned with the orientations of the Tribunal de Contas da União (TCU). The Teasers, containing the main information about each of the opportunities, as well as the objective criteria for the selection of potential participants, are available on the website of Petrobras:

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