Petrobras receives seven fines from Ibama for leaks

Petrobras was fined once again by Ibama (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable natural resources), now worth R $256 thousand, for launching to the sea 21400 liters of hydraulic fluid of the probe ship Norbe IX, at Campo de Atapu, in the Santos Basin . The company received another six fines totaling 78000, also by irregular spills on pre-salt platforms.

The highest fine refers to the leakage of hydraulic fluid based on ethylene glycol (alcohol, used as antifreeze) from Norbe IX. The other autuations are linked to oil spills or greases during extraction activities in the West Tellus, West Orion and Brava Star spacecraft and on the Mexilhão, P-65 and P-56 platforms. According to Ibama, infringements range from R $8000 to R $30000. Recently, Petrobras was also fined by the organ in R $100,000 for irregular disposal of waste water from the Merluza platform.

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