Petrobras to receive R $1 billion in diesel subsidy

Petrobras will receive R $1.04 billion in diesel subsidies for the month of August this year. The payment was foreseen in the Federal government's program since June – in response to the truckers ' strike – and was approved on Thursday (8) by the ANP (National agency for Natural Gas, biofuels and petroleum).

In addition to the state, other companies also had approved diesel payments, including Blueway trending import and export (R $10.5 million referring to July), Flamma oils and derivatives (R $4000 referring to August and R $1.8 million related to September), South Plata trending of Brazil (R $6,570,000 relative to August), Greenergy Brazil (R $1,390,000 also referring to August). In total, payments add up to R $1 trillion.

In October, the ANP rejected a negative Petrobras resource for the payment of diesel subsidy for the first phase of the program. The oil tanker expected to receive a balance of R $60 million, in the period from May 30th to June 7th.

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