Petrobras recovers R $300 million in market value

During the Rio Oil & Gas 2018, an event that took place between September 24th and 27th, Petrobras President Ivan Monteiro announced that the state recovered R $300 billion in market value, after a 6.29% high in the company's shares at BM&F Bovespa.

Monteiro explained that the high is due to the agreement between the company and the United States authorities of US $853.2 million, estimated at R $3.6 billion, to close investigations into the damage caused to investors by the corruption scandals of State in Operation Carwash.

Petrobras was accused of violation of US laws to maneuver accounting records and financial statements that would prove the payment of kickback to those investigated in the proceedings.

The closure of investigations that resulted in state-run deadlocks in the market represents a positive point for providing the company with a recovery of the value of its capital. However, doubts remain as to the real reasons of the Federal government in assuming to pay an account that exceeds the spending limits of a country in full state of financial crisis.

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