Petrobras reduces fuel prices in refineries

Petrobras announced a reduction in gasoline and diesel prices at refineries, which have already entered into force on Saturday (1st). With this, the liter of gasoline goes from R$ 2.64 to R$ 2.59, while the value of diesel drops from R$ 2.76 to R$ 2.71.

It is worth remembering that the change should not impact the pockets of consumers. This is because the fuel sold by the state-owned refineries is purchased by distributors, in addition to passing through the dealer stations until reaching the final consumer.

As a result, some federal and state taxes are increased in the value of the products, as well as costs for the acquisition and mandatory mixing of biodiesel and anhydrous ethanol, and gross margins of the distribution companies and the fuel dealers, which ultimately changes in the final price.


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