Petrobras reduces price of diesel, gas and gasoline

This week, Petrobras reported a further price reduction in the liter of gasoline (12%), in cooking gas (5%) and diesel (7.5%). The reduction is valid for products sold by the refineries of the state and is already valid since last Thursday (19).

However, the definition of the final sales figures for the public will depend on each distributor, taking into account labor costs, taxes and other fees. In addition, according to Petrobras, the free competition of the Brazilian market allows each company to cover the value it deems best.

Finally, Petrobras also points out that the final products sold at the gas stations are different from those from refineries. They are the fuels type "A", that is, gasoline before its combination with ethanol and diesel also without the addition of biodiesel. Thus, the products sold in the pumps to the final consumer are formed from type "A" mixed with biofuels.


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