Petrobras records greater profit in 4 years

Petrobras obtained a profit of R $25.7 billion in 2018, being the largest collection among publicly traded companies that have already disclosed their annual balance sheets in Latin America. The data were revealed by the financial information provider Economatica. It was the first positive result of the state after four years followed by losses and the best since 2011.

According to Economatica, the balance of R $25.7 billion of the oil tanker is also the 8th largest historical profit among Brazilian publicly traded companies in nominal values. The largest ever recorded was that of Vale in 2011, of R $37.814 billion, followed by Petrobras in 2010, of R $35.189 billion.

The 2nd highest profit in 2018 was that of Banco Itaú, which reported gains of R $24.977 billion, being the largest profit in the history of the banks of the country. Followed by Bradesco Banks (R $19.084 billion), Banco do Brasil (R $12.862 billion) and Santander (R $12.166 billion).

Check out the biggest profits in dollar between publicly traded companies in Latin America:

  1. Petrobras: US $6.652 billion
  2. Itaú: US $6.446 billion
  3. Bradesco: US $4.925 billion
  4. Bank of Brazil: US $3.319 billion
  5. Santander Brazil: US $3.139 billion
  6. Ambev: US $2.845 billion
  7. América Móvil (Mexico): US $2.468 billion
  8. Telefonica Brazil: US $2.304 billion
  9. Walmart (Mexico): US $1.870 billion
  10. Banorte Financial Group (Mexico): US $1.626 billion

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