Petrobras ' request on the diesel subsidy programme is rejected by the ANP

The National Agency for petroleum, Natural gas, biofuels (ANP) rejected Petrobras ' appeal and maintained the decision not to pay the company the subsidies for the first phase of the Federal government's diesel subsidy Programme. The stage refers to the period from 30 May to 7 June in which the state expected to receive R $60 million of Reais.

The diesel subsidy program arose just after the truckers ' strike due to high fuel prices. By means of the project, the importers and producers of diesel must practise the marketing of the product at the price stipulated by the Government. 

The ANP approved the payment of R $11.3 million for the second phase, between 8 June and 31 july, and the third stage after August 1, for four companies: varus Energy, Cia Petro, Columbia and Dax Oil. The Government's plan is one more way to make a profit for the country, but it is enough to know whether it will be invested in the sectors that need aid such as education, health, economics, and Others.

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