Petrobras will invest R $23.77 mi in flexible solar panels

In order to innovate its technologies, Petrobras wants to invest in a project to generate flexible solar panels. The state company entered into agreement with the Swiss center of Technology and Microtechnology Brazil (Csem Brazil), headquartered in Minas Gerais, to develop a composite for the production of printed and flexible photovoltaic cells, in the value of R $23,770,000 to Over two and a half years.

According to the general manager of research and development in refining and Natural gas of the Research center of Petrobras (cenpes), Oscar Chamberlain, the company Csem Brazil has an area that allows the expansion of flexible panels for industrial use. Regarding Petrobras, the relevance is the development of the panels by a new organic component, made by polymers, has more capacity to act as a device to convert sunlight into electricity.

A new crystalline structure that can increase the absorption and transformation capacity of the sources called perovskite, will also be studied by the state, and can be perfected for both rigid and flexible solar panels. Chamberlain stressed that renewable energies are priorities in Petrobras ' investment plan.

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