Petrobras oil tankers begin 5-day strike

On Monday (25), Petrobras oil tankers began a stoppage against the state’s dismantling acts. Approved by the Federation National Oil Tankers (FUP), the strike began this morning with cuts and delays in the surrender of shifts, as well as national mobilizations, as a campaign for blood donation. The intervention is expected to last until the next Friday (29), according to the FUP, which also stated that the action will not affect fuel supply services.

Claims include the complaint against the increase in risks of accident in various functions, violations of health standards, security and environment, in addition to reducing petrobras’ staff, that would be non-compliance with the newly signed Collective Bargaining Agreement (ACT). Second federation and other trade unions, privatizations and the closure of various units have impacted oil tankers with mass layoffs and transfers.

It is worth remembering that last Saturday (23), the High Court (TST) determined impediment to strike under penalty of daily fine of 2 millions to trade unions. Thus, the workers decided to meet in order to does not affect daily production through collective mobilizations for the benefit of Society. According to the FUP, the donation of blood and other actions, in addition to seek visibility to the causes, also aim to draw the attention of the population for the arrival of possible oil stains in the state of Rio de Janeiro January.


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