Petrobras supports I-Ecosystem project

Petrobras announced, in an official statement, that it will support the initiative of the technological, organizational and services Innovation Laboratory (LabrInTOS), from Coppe/UFRJ, to develop and structure the first Ecosystem of innovation in energy and sustainability in Rio de Janeiro.

The “I-ecosystem” provides support for transforming Academic research in new business (startups), resource training Activities in innovation and entrepreneurship in the energy sector, in addition to the Attracting additional public and private investments to the sector.

The methodology, unprecedented in Brazil, was implemented in 47 regions of all continents and succeeded in several places. The project would be inscribed at MIT Reap, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program in the United States, which helps regions accelerate economic growth and promote social progress through Innovation-oriented entrepreneurship.


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