Petrobras platform has oil leakage in Carioca coastline

The indefinition of environmental rules caused the leakage of a Petrobras platform, which had approximately 4900 liters of crude oil spread in the sea, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, and created a stain of 38 kilometers in size in the first week of January.

The Brazilian territory has a great recognition in oil exploration technologies in deep waters, but has failed to perform environmental standards that enable the supervision of operations in the sector to avoid incidents on the coast. The definition of environmental rules in relation to the disappropriation of the platform would avoid the accident of the floating platform, called the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Petrobras had sent documentation to Ibama since half of last year, requiring the deactivation of the base, but did not obtain approval from the Institute, which disregarded the documentation for being incomplete. The state was on December 7, and the document is still under review.

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