Petrobras will have to return R $3.6 billion to the ANP

Faced with the closure of the dispute between Petrobras and the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), and in the agreement to unify the fields of the Whale Park, in Campo Jubarte, located in the Campos Basin, the state will provision in R $3.6 Billions referring to the fourth quarter of 2018. The company has already made the payment of R $100 million in advance, in addition to paying r $1.5 billion in cash, after the closing of the contract. The remainder will be paid in 60 monthly installments.

The question has been under discussion for five years, when the ANP decided that the areas referring to the whale park should be a field only, facilitating the payments of special interests to the Union. Now, in this document, the Campo de Jubarte will be called the new Campo de Jubarte, being formed by the areas Blue whale, free whale, and small portions Caxaréu and Mangangá, and parts of Cachalote and Pirambu. The expectation of the collection of the EP with the new field will be R $25.8 billion. The values will be distributed between the union with 50%, state of Espírito Santo with 40% and municipalities with 10% of Espírito Santo.

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