Oil auction exceeds expectations

The auction of exploratory blocks of oil and gas this Thursday (10), raised about 8.9 billion reais-more than double the minimum signing bonus of 3.2 billion reais, predicted for the 36 areas of the dispute-and had 11 offerers, 10 winners and 12 block S cast off.

According to ANP (National Petroleum Agency, Natural Gas and Biofuels), QPI Oil, Qatar, Petronas, Malaysia and the French, Total, made the biggest bid in the auction and killed the C-M-541 block (Campos basin) with bonuses of 4.029 billion reais. Petrobras, in partnership with With BP (British Petroleum), bought the C-M-477 (Campos basin) block, with 2.045 billion reais bonus.

“We thought it would be a hesitant auction, but exceeded the Expectations. We had a record of bonuses in the history awards, “said Décio Oddone, Director general of the ANP.

No company showed interest in the blocks of the Camamu-Almada and Jacuípe basins, whose concessions were being questioned in the Federal court of Bahia by the Federal Public Prosecutor’s office. 

See below the blocks cast in the 16th round:

Basin Name Sector name Block name Company/Consortium Winner Bonuses from Subscription (R $)
Fields SC-AP4 C-M-477 Petrobras (70%) *; BP Energy (30%) 2,045,000,000.00
Fields SC-AP4 C-M-541 Total E &P do Brasil (40%)*; Petronas (20%); QPI Brazil (40%)  4,029,302,001.00
Fields SC-AP4 C-M-659 Shell Brazil (40%) *; QPI Brazil (25%); Chevron (35%)  714,000,000.96 
Fields SC-AUP3 C-M-479 ExxonMobil Brazil (100%) * 25,350,000.00
Fields SC-AUP3 C-M-661 Petronas (100%) * 1,115,727,860.24
Fields SC-AUP3 C-M-715 Petronas (100%) * 24,977,060.00
Fields SC-AUP4 C-M-713 Shell Brazil (40%) *; QPI Brazil (25%); Chevron (35%)  550,800,000.31 
Fields SC-AUP4 C-M-795 Repsol (100%) * 9,528,800.00
Fields SC-AUP4 C-M-825 Repsol (60%) *; Chevron (40%) 12,386,686.00
Fields SC-AUP4 C-M-845 Chevron (40%) *; Wintershall Brazil (20%); Repsol (40%) 26,955,686.00
Saints SS-AUP5 S-M-766 Chevron (40%) *; Wintershall Brazil (20%); Repsol (40%) 54,141,686.00
Saints SS-AUP5 S-M-1500 BP Energy (100%) * 307,753,753.00

(ANP-National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels)


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