Brazilian oil flows and export records

The production of oil in the pre-salt layer Brazil has been growing "booming". This has been causing the Petrobras national oil use in their refineries coming to total more than 90% of use and reducing costs while decreasing imports.

Another good news is that growth of the pre-salt is driving crude oil exports, which have reached record highs in January this year.  That's because the subsalt oil, especially in the region off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, is lighter than the average and the derivatives market. That is, it is a more commercial oil, so easy to export.

With the increased production of the pre-salt layer in Brazil to 1.26 million barrels of oil per day (bpd) in December 2016, equivalent to 46% of production in Brazil, the "black gold" Brazilian spends a large fraction of the national market. During the same period, in 2016, production totaled 34%.

To decrease imports and win market with exports, the Brazilian petroleum has shown your strength again, and this increase in the production of the pre-salt layer one more incentive for the "black gold green and yellow" can shine again and move on to new destinations.

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