Oil Megaleilão may not come out of the paper, now

The leader of the Senate, Romero Jucá (MDB-RR), reported that the voting on the bill that unlocks the megaleilão of pre-salt areas, was again postponed. Scheduled to take place on November 4, the claim was again postponed due to the lack of agreements to carry out onlendings of part of the resources to States and municipalities without implying the ceiling of public spending.

The sale of surplus of onerous cession, which have areas with more than 5 billion barrels of free petroleum for exploration of Petrobras, must generate a collection of R $100 billion. However, there is concern about the signalling of the future minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes, who intends to divide these resources with states and municipalities, which are in a financial crisis. These repasses, by current rules, would be subject to the expense ceiling.

According to information from Romero Jucá himself, in his Twitter account, the understandings are happening, however, the voting of the agenda rests with the President of the Senate, Eunício Oliveira (MDB-CE). Senators should talk more about the issues in the coming days to better define the date on which the new vote will take place.

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