Oil: data show production record

In August this year, oil production in the country grew and reached a new record: They were 3,828,000 barrels a day. The data National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP).

The record is directly related to the expansion of the production of Which reached 1,928,000 of bpd (barrels per day) of petroleum. In The Santos Basin, Lula's field was the most produced, with an average of 1,026,000 bpd. In addition, 96.5% of the oil was produced in the fields Maritime. The highlight is also for natural gas, with a percentage of 81.1%. Only the fields operated by Petrobras produced 93.2% of the oil and of the gas.

The expectation is that this number would increase even more in the next Months. On November 6th, the auction of the onerous cession will be held. The The expectation of collection is 106 billion reais and with a total of 14 Registered companies.

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