the pre-salt oil should begin to be negotiated in September

According to information from the CEO of Pre-Salt Oil S.A, Ibsen Flores, from September should be initiated the commercialization Union of oil and gas extracted from the pre-salt. The company, which is responsible for representing the interests of the federal government in sharing contracts, managed the Friday, March 24, authorization to start the sales process, as reported yesterday (28), here in Panorama Offshore.

This will be the first time in history that the Brazilian government will sell oil and gas. The resources that are purchased will be deposited directly in the account of the National Treasury. The area of ​​Libra, greatest discovery of pre-salt, must be the first field to be sold. According to Flores, the testing phase in the area should begin by mid-year and has an estimated production of 30,000 barrels of oil per day.

In a note sent in December, the government estimated that revenues from the sale would be R $ 800 million in 2017, but the president of the PPSA, pointed out that the calculation may be out of date, because of the parameters change with the current value of oil and the dollar.

The government can still receive amounts related fields whose production is extracted from fields extend to areas of the Union, like the Green Turtle fields in the Campos Basin; Lula / South, Campos Basin; Sapinhoá, in the Santos Basin and Argonaut, in the Santos Basin.

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