Oil and gas industry pays better, says IBGE

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) The oil and gas sector paid seven times more than the average salary of other activities of the industrial segment (extractive and processing) in 2017. The data are from the annual Industrial Survey, published by the Institute on Thursday, 6.

The study points out that while average industry salaries in other areas have declined by 12% over 10 years, workers ' income in the onshore and offshore sectors has risen 76.1%. In the year 2017, oil and gas companies paid average wages corresponding to 21.3 minimum wages while other industrial segments paid an average of around 3.2 minimum wages.

The second area that obtained the highest monthly average was that of activities to support the extraction of minerals (extractive industries) that paid the equivalent to 9.6 minimum wages in 2017. Thirdly, the branch was made of coke, petroleum derivatives and biofuels (processing industries) with an average of 8.8 minimum wages in the same year.

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