Foreign oil stains northeast beaches

In a note published on its website, Ibama (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and renewable natural resources) reported that, after analyses carried out by the Navy and Petrobras, the substance that polluted beaches in several states of the Northeast is crude oil, that is, Does not originate from any oil derivative. The material is produced outdoors and has not yet been identified.

In a study carried out by Petrobras, the company reported that the oil found was not produced or commercialized by it. Ibama requested support from the State to work in the cleaning of beaches and in the coming days, the company will provide a contingent of about 100 people.

Since September 2, the fire Department of the Federal District, the Navy and the state oil tanker, have promoted a series of actions aimed at investigating the causes and responsibilities of evictions in the environment.

This is due to the appearance of the crude oil stains, which began to emerge in the beginning of September, on the beaches of Pernambuco. The substance spread and, according to Ibama, 46 municipalities, with 99 localities, were reached. In addition, nine marine animals appeared dirty and six died.

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