Oil productivity grows in December

Oil production grew 4.8% in December last year, despite this, its production declined by 1% in relation to the year 2017. According to the monthly Bulletin of the production of petroleum and natural gas, disclosed by the ANP (National agency of Petroleum, natural gas and biofuels) the accumulated productivity in the last 12 months was 944.1 million, with a daily average of 2,586,000 barrels.

The gas production in 2018 was 40.8 billion/m³, with a daily average of 111 million m³ and a growth of 1% compared to the previous year. The sum of oil and gas yields totalled 3,406,000 barrels.

Regarding the pre-salt, according to the ANP data, the yield in the fields in December was 1,888,000 bpd, meaning an increase of 3.9% in relation to the previous month. The total national participation in the last month of the year amounted to 55.4%.

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