Oil rises 20% after attacks in Saudi Arabia

Oil in the global market levered 20% on the last Sunday (14), due to drone attacks on the premises of the state-owned Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia this weekend. The reprisal caused the cut in oil and gas production in the country and at the high fuel price. According to Reuters, Brent rose 19%, reaching US $71.95 per barrel, the crude oil presented a 15% high, moving to US $63.34 the barrel.

Last Saturday (13), two Aramco installations were attacked by drones, which caused a strong fire in Abqaiq, where the largest oil processing plant of the Saudi state was located, while a second attack ignited the oil field of Khurais.

Saudi Arabia cut its oil and gas production by half and lost around 5.7 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed) on Saturday, according to Bloomberg information. The company intends to restore up to one third of the lost production by the end of this Monday (16), according to the Wall Street Journal.

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