Barrels of oil are stocked in Chinese ports

Cargo ships continue to take oil from Iran to China, even after sanctioning that prevents commercialization with the Iranian country (due to political tensions in the Strait of Ormuz). The oil barrels are stocked in the Chinese ports next to customs, who have not yet encountered any problems, due to the fact that the majority of kegs are still under the responsibility and property of Tehran.

According to survey of ship tracking, China received about 12 tonnes of oil from January to May this year, and according to Bloomberg tracking data (news agency), currently 10 large vessels and 2 smaller ones originate From Iran to the country.

If Chinese refineries decide to use the fuel stocked in ports, possibly global quotations can be boosted downward, even with the production cuts of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and allies. And meanwhile, Iran continues to produce and stock oil closer to potential buyers.

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