Petroleum products you can't even imagine

We know that oil is a raw material originating in the nature and used for various purposes, such as energy production which, according to the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), it reaches around 43% Around the world.

However, in addition to being the main responsible for the manufacture of fuels and widely used in industries as an energy source, oil is also present in several products we use in our daily lives and that we have no notion. Let's check out some:

  1. Cosmetics: oils, perfumes and lipsticks are some petroleum products and present in much of the neccessaires. That shampoo, conditioner and hair dye is also not left out of the List.
  2. Remedies: it may seem strange, but although be a highly polluting substance, oil is present in some medicines – such as painkillers and homeopathics.
  3. Cleaning products: a product that leaves several stains being the basis for cleaning products? That's that! Almost all of these Products are manufactured based on oil, which can leave everything a glow!
  4. Synthetic fabrics: Materials such as nylon, acrylic, spandex and polyester are also derived from oil, and were not them, we wouldn't have our lockers so full of clothes and fabrics.
  5. Food: You'll probably bump into the know, but oil is also used in dyes, preservatives and flavorings, substances present in much of the foods we consume.

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