Drop in oil barrel worries Petrobras directors

The performance of Petrobras can be shaken against the low in the price of the oil barrel. The reflection in the company's actions was already felt this month of November, since the oil tanker accumulated losses of almost 12%. Analysts are considering the value of US $78/barrel for 2019 and a sudden drop to $65 in 2020, if the estimates are realised, the national state can be seriously affected.

Petrobras believes that this oil-pressed price scenario in 2019 can elevate the competition, benefiting the importors. Some believe that several factors should continue to pressure oil prices in 2019, however, the impact for Petrobrás will be limited. Apparently, the fall of the barrel may be accurate, but the decline of the state is still uncertain. You have to wait for scenes from the next chapters.

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