Oil company ONGC highlights two discoveries in India

The Indian oil and gas company National Oil Gas Corporation (ONGC) discovered 10 new fields or accumulations in proven areas offshore in India. The main findings were GKS101NCA-1 in Saurashtra Offshore, which was upgraded to a Category-I Bowl (production), ensuring monetization. And SRI-1 in block KG-OSN-2009/2 of NELP in KG basin.

The ONGC also expanded its programs to new frontiers of hydrocarbons, including the establishment, in September 2016, of the Center for research and Technology of gas hydrates in Mumbai.

He also introduced technologies such as broadband for 3D seismic surveys on the field Ratna and R-series and other areas in the Western offshore to improve underground image and conducted a survey of cable 3D seafloor in shallow water transition zone of the basin KG.

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