Pretorio purchase Brasoil

The operator of the Octopus Field, located in the Campos Basin, Rio de Janeiro, Pretorio, completed the purchase of 100% of the company's oil exploration, Brasoil Brazil that has indirectly 10% stake of the concession agreement of the Manati field (litoral da Bahia), 8° largest producer of natural gas from Brazil.

With the purchase, the Pretorio hopes to increase your revenues, by year, by up to 30%, according to the Chief Financial Officer of the company, Blener Mayhew. The completion of the deal depends on the approval of the Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade), which is expected to happen in 30 days.

The Pretorio now have two active in the production stage, Octopus and Manati field. If you want more details about the offshore world continue interacting with the Panorama, for the last few months were sufficient to demonstrate that the portal is the ideal tool for those who need and seek quality information and news about oil, gas and offshore. Remember: your business. Check out:


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