PF investigates alleged criminal actions in former Petrobras board

The Federal Police (PF) is conducting an operation that investigates alleged criminal practices committed in the former Petrobras Supply Board. Three search and seizure warrants were issued early on Friday (18). About 12 police officers are participating in the operation.

The action, called Operation Without Limits VI, is an offshoot of Operation Without Limits, which investigated alleged practice of crimes involving the negotiation of fuel oils and derivatives between the state and foreign companies. According to the police, the warrants are intended to collect evidence to elucidate the practice of crimes of corruption, money laundering and criminal organization by new suspects identified during investigations.

In turn, Petrobras said that it "is a victim of the crimes uncoverby Operation Car Wash" and that it has been collaborating with investigations since 2014, acting as a co-author in 21 ongoing administrative misconduct actions and as an assistant prosecutor in 76 criminal actions related to illegal acts investigated by Operation Lava Jato.


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