PF suspected greek ship for oil leak

The Federal Police (PF) pointed out the Greek ship Bouboulina, delta tankers property as the main suspect to have caused the disaster oil stains in the northeast of the country. The so-called "Operation Macula" of PF found that the tanker carried 1 million barrels of crude oil, merey type 16, in the Port of Joseph, Venezuela, on July 15.

According to the Brazilian Navy, the ship was detained in the U.S. during four days for 'inaccuracies of operational procedures in the system of water separation and oil discharge into the sea'. At the end of the same month, Bouboulina passed the coast of Paraíba.

In this way, Judge Francisco Eduardo Guimarães Farias, 14th Federal Court of PF in Natal, determined search and seizure of Lachmann Maritime Agency, delta tankers agent, alleged company responsible for oil spill in Brazil. In addition to it, Witt O Brien's company is also targeted seizure of PF and is characterized by acting in the risk and orientation segment contingency in disaster cases. Both organizations are located in the center of Rio de Janeiro.


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