Non-binding phase of Liquigás sales is initiated

Petrobras initiated the non-binding phase of the full sale of shares of Liquigás Distribuidora S.A. The text establishes that interested companies that have signed an agreement with the oil company will receive further information. The decision is part of the systematic for the disinvestments of the State, aligned with the special regime of asset sales by the federal mixed economy companies, provided in Decree 9.188/2017.

In a statement, Petrobras reported that the interested companies that signed the confidentiality agreement will receive a descriptive memo with detailed information on the assets for sale, as well as instructions on the disinvestment process, including guidelines for drafting and submitting non-binding proposals.

Still according to the oil tanker, the company revised the compliance requirements (in compliance with internal and external laws and regulations) for admission of participants in order to reach potential investors who meet the eligibility criteria, and May show interest in the process by Friday, May 17th. The review is contained in the item "Additional process information" of the new Teaser, available on the Petrobras website.

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