PL forces gas stations to report octane gasoline

New Bill 3592/20 that is being processed in the House of Representatives obliges gas stations to display, at each pump, the octane of gasoline, the level of lead and the alcohol content, in a prominent and legible way. The fine for those who disrespect the rule can reach up to R $ 50 thousand.

The PL, which amends the National Fuel Supply Law, seeks to increase transparency and the possibility of consumer oversight. With the entry of the new specifications of the fuel, the price of gasoline should rise, and the project would allow the consumer to ensure the quality of the fuel.

Octane will be measured by the RON (Research Octane Number) methodology, which evaluates fuel resistance to pressure and temperature in a low-speed engine. The higher the octane, the better the vehicle performance.

Since August 2020, the National Agency for Natural Gas biofuels (ANP) has determined that the stations can only sell ordinary gasoline with a minimum ron octane value of 92, and from 2022 this value will increase to 93. Premium gasoline should have a minimum RON of 97.


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