PL on adjustments in petroleum products is rejected

It was rejected in the Committee for economic development, industry, trade and services; Mines and energy (CDEICS), the Bill 4995/16, which provides for the basic derivatives prices adjustments of oil and natural gas producing or processing units of Petrobras.

Authored by Congressman Beto Rosado (PP/RN), the text provided for a quarterly adjustment in the price of gasoline, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas. The justification is that there is no competition, since Petrobras accounts for about 98% of the refining capacity of Brazil, in addition to being the main fuel importer.

But, the Rapporteur of the CDEICS, Mr Jorge Vittal (PTB-PE), rejected the project under the justification that the law which provides for the conditions of carrying out the activities related to oil is private competence of the Union.


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