PL aims to create wind energy auctions in the country

In December was approved the PL 11.247/2018 in the Senate in Brasilia, which has the rapporteur Walter Pinheiro (PT/BA) of the project of Senator Fernando Collor (PTC/AL) that aims to create auctions of wind or solar energy in the country. The text intends to stimulate the implementation of wind power plants in the water range 12 miles from the coast and in the exclusive economic zone, 200 miles from the coast, in addition to allowing the implantation of facilities in rivers and lakes.

The proposal was approved by means of a maneuver, since the PT senator was not re-elected, and therefore sought the rapporteurs and negotiated the approval of the measure in the last weeks of work in the Senate. Collor, author of the project, justifies the idea that the Brazilian coastline would be divided by the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) into wind prims, similar to the division that takes place in the exploratory blocks of oil and natural gas.

The units would be disputed at auction by the interested companies and marine wind farms. The bill is already in the House of Deputies, where it will follow for the Committee on Environment and Sustainable development (CMADS).

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