Flat plateau high via MP 795

The whole imbued society in maintaining the giant country by nature, and the current Government emits provisional measures that diminish the continent on an island called the Jaburu Palace (the vice-President's residence), which mates a president who does not care about the population, only with banks and Companies that give profits to others.

The provisional measures perhaps a palliative to not injure the Constitution, has become a double-edged sword, which cuts the rights of the Brazilian population to fashion, the mercy of what it derives.

Not satisfied with the reforms leading to workers around the entrenched slavery since the 18th century, the President feared has signed provisional measure 795 that approved by the Chamber to touch the box and pardons R $54 billion of oil companies installed in Brazil, according to Calculation of the UNAFISCO (National Association of the Federal Revenue auditors).

This value refers to taxes levied from the oil companies since the year 1997 to 2014, which firms questioned the tributes. The fact is that MEPs instead of supervising and controlling the actions of the executive, president, advocate in favor against those who elected: the base text of the MP 795 was approved in the ' quiet of the night ' by majority in the Chamber at the end of last month And the amendments also on Wednesday night to Thursday, and the same day sent to the Federal Senate. It stays in force until December 15th, and if the Senators do not approve this date, it is unvalidity.

The pressure is unique to the government. Companies in the sector like Shell, Total, BP and Statoil, who participated and won rounds of bids from the last auctions, all foreign, threaten not to sign contracts to explore oil blocks in pre-salt, because they claim that tax rules should guarantee Legal certainty to work in Brazil. And the plateau flies down more than bird of prey.

Already the IRS disputes on an executive note stating that the oil companies must pay tributes arising from overseas money and should in autos the equivalent of R $38 billion, which the Chamber of Deputies pardons via MP 795 issued by President Michel to fear.


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