Plan Petrobras Business can give new impetus to the Brazilian oil

The Business Plan and Management 2017-2021 presented by Petrobras, the latest edition of Rio Oil & Gas, has been keeping up. In order to resume growth and, of course, reduce the debt, the plan also calls for raising $ 19.5 billion from the sale of assets, called divestments.

Because of this divestment plan, the state had even your credit rating high note by Standard and Poor's (S & P) from B + to BB. In addition, as previously reported by Panorama Offshore, the same agency also changed the outlook from negative to stable Petrobras.

Among other points of Petrobras' plan, the State expects to increase the total production of 2.62 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed) in 2017 to 3.41 million boed in 2021, and 2.77 million in Brazil . In addition, for 2018, is projected from the barrel to $ 56, rising to US $ 68 in 2019 and US $ 71 in 2020 and 2021.

This news is very positive for Petrobras, as well as the Brazilian oil that, due to the established crisis, both the price of the barrel as the scandals involving the state, was in "dire straits" in recent months.

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