Platform P-74 follows to Santos Basin

The P-74 oil rig that was being assembled in Rio Grande do Sul left early this Friday morning (23) the EBR shipyard in São José do Norte. The giant hull, 326.2 meters long and 56.6 meters wide, said goodbye to the shipyards and the scarce workers still remaining in the structure around 6:00, according to the metallurgical Union of Rio Grande and São José do Norte.

The package is from Petrobras, which predicted the exit until April. The P-74 is destined for the field of Buzios I, in the pre-salt of the Santos basin. Petrobras has already received a license from Ibama for the installation of the platform in the area, which is about 200 kilometers from the coast of Rio de Janeiro, at a depth of water from 1600 to 2100 meters. The license is valid until 18 October 2021 and allows the installation of the production collection and disposal system as well. The platform will be able to produce up to 150,000 barrels of oil daily and compress 7 million cubic meters of natural gas to the day, with a storage capacity of 1.4 million barrels.

"We were supposed to be celebrating, to be proud, because it is the P-74 is the result of the work of thousands of workers. But we feel sadness, because almost all the 2400 workers have already been dispensed with the completion of the order, "vents the Union vice president, Sadi Machado. The unionist reinforces the uncertainty about the future of new orders and the naval polo itself, which resurfaced in 2003 with incentives and pre-salt demand. "Today there are only 160 employees in the EBR, who must be fired," designs Machado. The social impact must be felt because, says Machado, most have already fixed residence in Rio Grande.

Over the last few months, as the P-74 was being terminated, hundreds of EBR employees were being discharged. The Vice-President of the entity estimates in 1500 within six to seven months. "We have no answer about new buildings, just the ads of the state direction of which it is expensive to make platforms in Brazil. But here, we've done eight equipment in nine years, "he points out. In addition to the people in activity in São José do Norte, the naval polo Gaucho has more than 500 employees in the shipyard of QGI, occupied in services in the modules of the platforms P-75 and P-77, and only around 70 collaborators in Ecovix, which is idle. Both complexes are situated in Rio Grande. The Vice-President of the Metallurgical Union recalls that Ecovix came to hire around 10000 people in 2013. Machado regrets that there is no prospect of requests for more platforms to be made at the Gaucho naval pole. Source: Trade Journal


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