Petrobras platform P-75 will be finalized in RS

After being manufactured in China on order from Petrobras, the platform P-75 reaches the coast of Rio Grande, in Rio Grande do Sul, to be finalized. The sixth platform in the shipyard in finish in Rio Grande will be used to explore oil and natural gas in the basin of Santos, São Paulo's coastline.

The P-75 should begin to operate later this year, having the capacity to produce 150,000 barrels of oil and 6 million cubic meters of gas per day. The end of 2018 is also planned for the arrival of the platform P-77, which will subsequently follow the shipyard QGI.

At the height of operations, the naval sector came to employ more than 20000 professionals in Rio Grande. New platforms are expected to be able to offer more job opportunities when they start their operations.

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